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Peace Maker

Author: Minagawa Ryoji

Status: Ongoing    RSS

Genre: Action , Adventure , Historical , Seinen ,

Update: Jul 29, 2016

Peace Maker

Next update: about Aug 05, 2016


NOTE: Not to be confused with Peacemaker Kurogane

Tells of a lone gunman named Hope Emerson, the son of legendary gunfighter Peace Emerson. Known for the Spot Burst Shot, a technique that involves the firing of multiple bullets at a rapid pace while fanning the revolver s hammer.

Emerson gets drawn into a mysterious conflict when he defeats a gunslinger named Hans -Grim Reaper- Giles in a duel after surviving a gunshot due to his bulletproof jacket. Hans had been part of a private mercenary force known as the Crimson Executioners, raised by millionaire Phillip Crimson.


Peace Maker Vol.10 Ch.66 : Bloodstained Fate Jul 29, 2016
Peace Maker Vol.10 Ch.65 : Devil vs Devil Jun 7, 2016
Peace Maker Vol.10 Ch.64 : The Bucket Squad May 25, 2016
Peace Maker Vol.10 Ch.63 : A Common Ambition Apr 20, 2016
Peace Maker Vol.10 Ch.62 : Assassin's Greed Mar 6, 2016
Peace Maker Vol.10 Ch.61 : Chase Dec 24, 2015
Peace Maker Vol.9 Ch.60 : Believe Nov 4, 2015
Peace Maker Ch.59 : : Hope is Back Oct 6, 2015
Peace Maker Ch.58 : : New Way Aug 24, 2015
Peace Maker Vol.9 Ch.57 : After the Banquet Jul 7, 2015

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